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Founded in 2007 by Tod Browndorf , Coggno is an online training marketplace and learning management system (LMS)

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Tod Brownford, CEO and founder
Sergei Rahouski, CTO

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Coggno offers expertise on variety of subjects and topics. Tod Browndorf, founder and CEO of Coggno

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Organizations in virtually every industry and speciality around the world rely on Coggno to deliver training that their learners love.

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For company news, interview opportunities, product review requests (our LMS platform and various courses) and other media inquiries, please, contact: Tamara Mrak tamara@coggno.com

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Coggno Marketplace – a “OneStop Shop‟

Our comprehensive marketplace features thousands of high-quality training courses created by world-class training developers, and covers virtually all industries– including human resources, management, healthcare, safety, and many others. Coggno provides a “one stop shop” resource to meet all your specific education and training needs, and provides simple, efficient delivery via our LMS platform.

Best of Breed Technology

Coggno delivers training to small and medium businesses as well as broadly-distributed, global enterprises. Our simple interface and easy-to-use functionality enables the end-user to participate in self-paced training and certification courses wherever and whenever they want to. Coggno leverages bestof breed technologies and a cost effective business model that is simple to useand offers maximum speed and flexibility. There are no infrastructure or up-front costs associated with Coggno – you simply pay for the training you use when you use it. Larger companies can purchase training courses in bulk at reduced prices and use our free LMS tools to distribute training courses throughout their organization.

Wide Affiliate Partner Network

Coggno also offers an Affiliate Partner Network, which includes professional employer organizations (PEOs), HR consulting firms, and other companies that interact with HR and corporate training departments. Through our unique syndication model, PEOs and HR consulting firms can offer training courses right from their own website, providing an additional service to their customers and a new revenue stream for their business. For our partners that develop and create training content, the Coggno Affiliate Partner Network provides an instant, broad distribution channel that enables them to monetize and distribute their content to their target audience.